rock out young squad I  love this place flowing locks Getting ready to get down flamer
kick turn look out! look at the camera Check out my new board! wallie action
Man down solid ollie pops ride it out
Boo ya! checkin the scene five stair ride Getting serious Whens lunch? Skate Camp Rules!
Big Sprack! Ollie down the five sub sandwich time? Nap time Sub sandwiches are awesome!
slidin into home! Every try! I got it right here! feeble around the bend Takin a break!
Super carve! yea mon! solid control 11 screws up! hangin on
Got it! Skate camp is awesome! Manny
Gangester-ish solid nose grabber Pickin the nose
yea! Its easy! Umm, maybe not Yea! To fakie