brandon belling deck art brian is thirsty Cornell, not a camper but a loc. Derek tossing the wheel Derek making the wheel Birdman
Joey sick 5-0 Joey another sick 5-0 Joey 50-50 the flat bar Joey, Smith grinder Joey, Smithin with steez! Mark, on the brick wall
Mark, cruzin across china sean, feeble sean feeble 2 The pup! Thomas 5-0 to fakie Thomas and Joey
Thomas, Cab Thomas, Cab 2 Thomas feeble the corner Thomas feeble steez! Bill manning the grill Almost done!
Camp crew Ready to skate! Skate camp rules! Derek, good times Jeff, smith grinder Jerry and Micheal
Jerry, boneless Mark going to China. Mark, nose grab skate camp, two thumbs up! Burger time! Stella!  Cream City mascot